Things I’m Looking Forward To

(Excluding the boring stuff like my family and friends)

I have six days (AHH!!) left in Denmark, and while of course I’m sad to be leaving this wonderful country and my new family and friends behind, I’m allowed to look forward to going home! Here’s a list of the random things I’m most excited to return to.

1. My cat

Sure, he might ignore me. There’s the off chance that he’ll cuddle with me, but I’m not fooled anymore –he’ll bite me the first chance he gets. Still, he’s my cat, and I love him.

2. Pizza and Bagels

This may shock you, but there are not a lot of Italians living in Denmark, and their pizza simply does not compare to a NJ slice. Damn, I miss pizza. And bagels are only used for sandwiches, not as vessels for butter and cream cheese like in the U.S. Blasphemy.

3. No public transportation

Yes, public transportation is more environmentally friendly than driving a car, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. I will not miss the hour-long commute to and from school every day, complete with delayed trains and a bus that only runs twice an hour. When I get home, I’m not planning on moving from my bed. But on the off-chance that I do, I will be moving by car, thanks.

4. Dancing privately in my room

When I told Julie about this one, she got offended and said that I could dance in our room whenever I wanted to. Well, I’m a really terrible dancer, so I prefer to dance to my favorite songs in private where no one can laugh at me.

5. Wearing my Dad’s old flannels in public

While I realize giant flannels and leggings is not the most fashionable, put-together look in the U.S., I can still get away with it for the most part. In Copenhagen, I could never bear the judgmental stares from beautiful blonde fashionistas rocking their most form-fitting clothes. Sometimes I just want to look baggy. Deal with it.